Add company branding


Company branding is available on the following plans: Pro, Scale, Business and Enterprise. Contact us to set up company branding for your company. It can take up to 7 business days. To see if company branding is part of your plan, check our Pricing page.

As an admin, you can customise your members’ accounts with the company logo and address. This is a great way to convey trust and reliability to your employees and customers. Seeing your company logo and address also helps them recognise signature invitations from your company.

We show your company branding in:
  • top-left of your members’ accounts

  • e-mail notifications

  • sidebar of a document

Below are some examples of company branding.

  • Account header

Your company logo replaces the logo of Skribble and appears in the header of your members’ accounts.

  • E-mail notifications

Your company logo and address appear in the e-mail footer when your employees invite others to sign or sign documents.

  • Document sidebar

Your company logo also appears in the sidebar of a document.