Manage electronic seals


Electronic seals are available on the Pro, Scale, and Enterprise plan. Looking to use seals in your company? Contact your Account executive at Skribble or drop us a message at

With seals, you can sign documents on behalf of your company as a legal and not natural person. After we’ve set up seals for your company, admins can:

  • Manage API keys and members allowed to use the seal

  • Add an image as a visual representation of the seal (optional)

  • Specify the display name of the seal for your members

To enable your members to seal documents, you need assign seals to members.

Add members or API keys

  • Go to Seals

  • Click on the Pencil icon next to the seal

  • Navigate to API keys or Members and click Add

  • If you’re adding API keys, select the key from the list and click Add

Note: Keep in mind that you can only use seals with production keys. Learn more about API keys.

  • If you’re adding Members, enter the member’s e-mail address and click Add

  • That’s it! The seal is ready to use.

Removing members or API keys

  • Go to Seals and click on the Pencil icon

  • Navigate to Members or API keys

  • Click on the X next to the member or an API key

  • Click Remove to confirm

Adding a visual seal (optional)


A visual seal is optional and doesn’t affect its legal validity.

You can upload an image to customise the visual appearance of your seal. It will show on the sealed documents, just like the visual signature.

  • Go to Seals

  • Click on the Pencil icon on the right

  • Upload your seal image and click Save

Specifying a display name

We recommend adding a display name (e.g. department, team) for your seal. It will be shown to your members and helps them select the right seal if they use multiple ones.

To add a display name:

  • Go to Seals

  • Click on the Pencil icon on the right

  • Enter the Display name and click Save to confirm