Manage seats


Seats are available on the following plans: Team, Pro and Scale. Remember that the signatures aren’t tied to a specific seat or member.

To add or remove seats:

  • Go to Admin area in the lower left

  • Then go to Plan and billing

  • Select Add seats or Remove seats

Good to know about seats:

  • You can’t have more active members than seats.

  • New seats are charged based on the time left on your subscription.

  • Seats are removed at the end of your billing period.

  • Need more seats than included in your plan? Contact us.

Signatures per seat


If your team runs out of signatures in your plan, they can can still sign with Skribble. But those additional signatures are charged extra.

You can check how many signatures your team has used under Plan and billing.

  • Included signatures – signatures x seats included in your plan

  • Extra signatures – charged on top if you run out of included ones

Example: Say you’re on the Team plan with 10 seats.

Next to the unlimited number of simple electronic signatures (SES), your team has 72 advanced (AES) and qualified electronic signatures (QES) per seat, which makes 720 signatures in total. These are available for your entire team.