Adding Company Brandingยถ


Please contact our support team to add company branding to your Skribble Business. It can take up to 7 business days. To see if company branding is included in your plan, check our Pricing page.

As an admin, you can customise your membersโ€™ accounts with the company logo and address. This is a great way to convey trust and reliability to both your employees and customers. Seeing your company logo and address also helps them recognise signing invitations that come from your company.

Company branding will be displayed:
  • in the header (top-left) of your membersโ€™ accounts

  • in e-mail notifications and

  • in the sidebar of a document

Below you will find examples of company branding.

  • Account header

Your company logo replaces the logo of Skribble and is displayed in the header of your membersโ€™ accounts.

  • E-Mail notifications

Your company logo will be displayed in the e-mail footer along with the company address when your employees invite others to sign or sign documents themselves.

  • Document sidebar

Your company logo will also be displayed in the sidebar of a document.