Downloading Signature Usage ReportΒΆ

As an admin, you can download a monthly signature usage report as CSV for more cost transparency. Signature reports help keep track of signatures used by your members.


Signature reports will show all Skribble Business members regardless of whether they’ve signed or not.

To download the report:

  • Click Invoices from your Business profile

  • Navigate to Signature usage

  • Click the Download icon on the right of a calendar month (the CSV will be downloaded to your computer)

  • Open the CSV document


Understanding the signature report

The CSV document will contain the following information:
  • User – member’s e-mail address or an API

  • Cost centre – cost centre within your organisation (available only to Skribble Enterprise customers with an active single sign-on). If not specified, this column will be left empty.

  • Self SES, AES and QES – number of signatures made by members

  • Invited SES, AES and QES – number of signatures made by people who were invited to sign by your Skribble Business members


Would you like to assign a cost centre to a member of your business and display it in a CSV? Please contact our team at We will be happy to help.