Adding Members

There are two ways to add members to your Skribble Business:

  • By domain

  • By e-mail

The simplest way to add members is by registering your company domain ( with Skribble. Employees who create a new Skribble account using your company domain will automatically become your Skribble Business members.


If an employee created a Skribble account before the domain was registered, you’ll need to add them to your Skribble Business by e-mail. Please see Adding members by e-mail, described below.

Adding members by domain

  • Click Members

  • Go to Domains

  • Click Add domain

  • Enter the domain and click Add

We’ll activate your domain once we’ve checked that it belongs to your company. You’ll find the current status of the added domain next to its name:

  • Activated — your domain is active

  • Requested — we’ll need to check the domain manually (this can take up to 48 hours)

We’ll inform you by e-mail once it’s done.

Questions or need a hand? Contact our support team at

Adding members by e-mail

The other way to add members to your Skribble Business is by e-mail:


The person must already have a Skribble account before they can be added to your Skribble Business.

  • Go to Members if you aren’t already there

  • Click Add Member

  • Enter the e-mail address and click Add

To add several e-mails at once, separate them with a comma.

If the recipient has a Skribble account, they’re now added to your Skribble Business.