Getting Started

Now that you’ve set up Skribble Business for your company, we recommend that you start with adding your team members to enable them to sign electronically. Here’s a quick guide on how to do it.

  • Adding team members to Skribble Business

You can add your team members by:

  • Having team members’ identities verified

To sign documents electronically, employees in your company will need to have their identities verified. Skribble offers various identification options depending on your individual use case and the e-signature standard (or legal weight) required.


You might find it helpful to consult our e-signature standards page for more information.

Advanced electronic signature (AES)

To sign with AES, employees in your company will require a company e-mail address or a Swiss mobile number.

  • Company e-mail address

By registering your company domain with Skribble, you will enable your entire company to sign with AES. Anyone who signs up with Skribble using an e-mail address of your company and is a member of your Skribble Business will be able to sign immediately with AES. More information on AES for Business available at

  • Swiss mobile number

Anyone who signs up with Skribble using a Swiss mobile phone number can sign immediately with AES.

Qualified electronic signature (QES)

To enable your team members to sign documents electronically with QES, you can choose between face-to-face identification or online via video call (for signing according to EU law).

  • Face-to-face

Two options are available:

  • Anyone can make an appointment at one of our locations to have their identity verified.

  • To verify a stable team, our staff can come to your office and train one person who can then verify everyone else in your team.

Do you plan to add new employees to your Skribble Business regularly? In this case, we recommend a one-time training for one employee in your company. After the training, this employee will be able to verify the identity of other employees, customers, or even suppliers independently using the ID app of Swisscom. Learn more on how it works.

  • Via video call (available for signing according to EU law only)

Video identification allows employees in your company to do the identity check online via their computer or smartphone. It takes less than 5 minutes and can be done anytime, anywhere. Learn more about video identification here (in German only).

After successful identity verification, your team members will be ready to sign electronically with QES according to EU law.


Video identification is only permitted for signing with qualified electronic signature (QES) according to EU law. If you want to sign with QES according to Swiss law, you’ll need to go through a personal verification offered at various locations in Switzerland.

Not sure what identification option is suitable for your company or need assistance with adding your team members to Skribble Business? Get in touch with our support team at We’ll be happy to assist you in finding the right solution.