Setting a Document Deletion Period 🆕


This feature is only available to Skribble Enterprise customers.

As an admin, you can set a uniform document deletion period for all employees. After a set period, your employees’ documents will be deleted from Skribble. The deletion period applies to all documents regardless of their status. It starts on the day the document is uploaded to Skribble.


For Enterprise customers who joined before 17 February 2021: The deletion period only applies to signed and declined documents. Would you like to introduce the deletion period for all documents in your organisation? Please contact us at

To set a document deletion period:

  • Click Business profile in the lower-left

  • Go to Deletion period

  • Click the pen symbol on the right and select the new deletion period

You’ll be able to choose between 5, 10, 30, 60 and 90 days.

  • Click Save to confirm

Make sure you inform all employees about the new deletion period. They may need to download their documents before they’re deleted.

  • E-mail reminders to download documents

We’ll remind your employees to download the affected documents 7 days before they’re deleted. They’ll receive another e-mail on the day of deletion. If the document deletion period is set to 5 days, they’ll only receive one e-mail on the day of deletion.

Question or need a hand? Drop us an e-mail at We’ll be happy to help.