Downloading Signature Protocol πŸ†•ΒΆ


This feature is only available to Skribble Enterprise customers.

The signature protocol gives you quick access to the compliance-relevant information about who viewed or signed the document with which e-signature standard. Instead of checking every single document for the information required by your compliance team, you can download a PDF and archive it together with the signed document.

To download a signature protocol:

  • Open the document

  • Click on the 3 dots at the top-right

  • Click on Signature protocol

  • Alternative: From the document overview page, hover over the document and click on the tooltip i. Then click on the Signature protocol icon on the right.

  • Open the protocol

Depending on the e-signature standard used and the identification method of the signer, the protocol may contain the following information:

  • Document title

  • Signature request ID

  • Number of signatures

  • Signature status (signed, declined, open)

  • Participants incl. API users

  • Participant’s name, e-mail address, phone number, user ID, and business they belong to

  • Date, time and IP address for every activity (uploaded, viewed, signed, sealed, downloaded, delegated, declined, updated)

  • Visual signature (optional)

  • Signature ID

  • E-signature standard used such as QES and legislation (eIDAS, ZertES)

  • Certificate (subject, serial number, pseudonym, issuer)