Activating Signature Reminders

Your team no longer needs to follow up on pending signatures manually. Instead, you can activate signature reminders, and we’ll send an e-mail to everyone who hasn’t signed. Be sure to inform your team if you decide to activate reminders for them.


The timer goes off the day the signature invitation is sent.

To activate signature reminders for your Skribble Business members:

  • Click Business profile in the lower-left

  • Go to Signature reminders and click Get started

  • Choose how often reminders should be sent and click Activate to confirm


Example: Let’s say you want signature reminders to be sent once a week. Here is how it works if the signature invitation is sent on Monday the 1st:

  • 1st reminder is sent on Monday the 8th

  • 2nd reminder is sent on Monday the 15th

  • 3rd reminder is sent on Monday the 22nd, and so on.


Is there a document deletion period set for your team? Keep in mind that we’ll send no reminders for deleted documents. Let’s say the deletion period is 5 days. If you choose to send signature reminders every 3 days, we’ll only send 1 reminder.