AES for Business: Product DescriptionΒΆ

With AES for Business, your company domain (e.g. enables signing with the advanced electronic signature (AES). Anyone who ho creates a new Skribble account using your company domain (e.g. and is a member of your Skribble Business can sign with AES without any further action.

This provides several benefits:
  • When your employees create a Skribble account, they will automatically be signing at the AES level without having to add their personal phone number as identification.

  • Users personal phone number will not be shown in the certificate since their company e-mail provides their identification.

  • Users can sign at the AES level without having a Swiss phone number.

A guide for setting up AES for Business can be found here.

For more information about AES for Business, see here.

For more information about SES, AES, and QES standards for signatures, see this page.