Set Up Signing From Google Drive 🆕


Skribble Electronic Signature plug-in is only available to Skribble Business customers. If you haven’t set up Skribble Business yet, check this guide.

With the Skribble Electronic Signature plug-in, companies, departments, and teams can sign and get documents signed from within their favourite tools.

To connect Google Drive with Skribble Business, you’ll need:

  • Admin access to your company’s Google Drive

  • Skribble API credentials

  • Skribble Electronic Signature plug-in

We recommend that the Google Drive admin sets up the Skribble Electronic Signature plug-in. Skribble Business admins might not have all the necessary rights to finish the setup.

Step-by-step guide for Google Drive admins to connect Google Drive with Skribble


Before you get started, make sure you have Skribble API credentials ready (username and API key).

You can get these from your company’s Skribble Business admin. Skribble Business admins: click here for guidance.

  • Click here to get the plug-in from G Suite Marketplace

  • Click Install

  • Read the information displayed, accept the terms of service and privacy policy if you agree with them and click Continue

You’ll be asked to allow access to finish installation.

  • Click Allow if you agree

Once the plug-in is installed, finish the setup to connect Google Drive with Skribble. You’ll need Google Drive admin rights for this.

  • Go to Google Admin Console

  • Log in using your Admin account

  • Navigate to Apps, then Google Workspace Marketplace apps

  • Go to Skribble Electronic Signature

  • Scroll down to Go to Skribble Electronic Signature for configuration

  • Select your Admin account from the list

  • Enter Skribble API credentials (username and API key)

  • That’s it; you’ve connected Google Drive with Skribble

Everyone in your company can now sign with Skribble from Google Drive. We recommend that you inform all employees about it. Here’s a quick guide if they need a hand with signing from Google Drive.