Set up signing from Hubspot


Signing from Hubspot deals is currently available to selected customers.

With the Skribble Electronic Signature plug-in, companies, departments, and teams can sign and track their status without leaving Hubspot. To connect Hubspot with Skribble, you’ll need:

  • Hubspot admin access

  • Skribble API credentials

  • Skribble Electronic Signature plug-in

We recommend that the Hubspot admin sets up the Skribble Electronic Signature plug-in. Skribble admins might not have all the necessary rights to finish the setup.

Step-by-step guide for Hubspot admins to connect it with Skribble:


Before starting, make sure you have your Skribble API credentials ready. You can get these from your Skribble admin. Learn more.

  • Go to Hubspot App Marketplace to get the plug-in (look for the Marketplace icon in the main navigation of your Hubspot account)

  • Click Install App

  • After installing the plug-in, you’ll need to connect Hubspot with Skribble. First, make sure you’re the Super admin of your Hubspot account.

  • Click Get started

  • Have multiple Hubspot accounts? Choose the one with super admin rights

  • To allow Skribble to interact with the Deals section, click Allow

  • Enter Skribble API credentials (username and API key)

  • That’s it; you’ve connected HubSpot with Skribble

Employees in your company can now sign with Skribble from the Deals section on HubSpot. We recommend that you inform them about it.

Uninstalling the plug-in


After you uninstall the Skribble Electronic Signature plug-in, employees in your company will no longer be able to sign from within Hubspot.

To uninstall the plug-in from Hubspot:

  • Go to Hubspot Marketplace in the upper right of your account

  • Click Manage Apps and go to Skribble Electronic Signature

  • Click an arrow next to Actions, then click Uninstall

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