Set up signing from OneDrive and SharePoint


Skribble Electronic Signature plug-in is available if you have Microsoft OneDrive for Business and one of the following Skribble plans: Pro, Scale or Business.

Skribble integrates with Microsoft OneDrive for Business and enables companies to sign and get documents signed directly from OneDrive and SharePoint Online.

If you already use OneDrive for Business and Skribble, you can connect them in just a few easy steps. To do so, you’ll need:

  • Admin access to OneDrive for Business

  • Skribble API credentials

  • Skribble Electronic Signature plug-in

We recommend that your OneDrive admin carries out the setup of the plug-in. Skribble admins might not have the necessary rights to finish the setup.

Step-by-step guide for OneDrive admins to connect OneDrive for Business with Skribble:


Before getting started, make sure you have your Skribble API credentials ready (username and API key). You only need 1 API key to set up signing for the whole company.

You can get your API credentials from your Skribble admin. Skribble admins: click here for guidance.

  • Click here to get the plug-in from Microsoft AppSource

  • Click Get it now and follow the instructions

  • Click Let’s get started if you’re ready

  • Log in with your Microsoft admin account

Microsoft will ask you to allow installing the plug-in for all employees on behalf of your company.

  • Select the checkbox Consent on behalf of your organisation and click Accept if you agree

If you don’t select the checkbox, only you, and not all employees, will see the plug-in.

  • Enter Skribble API credentials (username and API key) to finish the setup (1 API key is enough)

That’s it; you’ve connected OneDrive for Business with Skribble.


It may take up to 48 hours before everyone can sign from OneDrive and SharePoint.

In the meantime, we recommend sharing the guide on signing with Skribble with everyone in your company.