Start free trial


We offer a free 14-day trial to new customers. Setting up Skribble for your company will make you an admin. You can add more admins anytime.

Good to know before you start:

  • No credit card needed and you can cancel anytime

  • Trial ends after 14 days if you don’t add payment details

  • 20 signatures are on us – to sign yourself or invite others

Here’s how you can start free trial:

  • Enter your Business e-mail address and read our Terms of Use

  • Check the box and click Get started if you agree with the terms

  • We’ll send you an e-mail to check that we got your e-mail address right.

  • Open this e-mail and confirm your e-mail address

  • Can’t find the e-mail? Check your spam folder. If you didn’t get it, check the spelling of your e-mail address before you click Resend e-mail.

  • After confirming your e-mail address, set a password for your account.

We’ll need a few more details to set up Skribble for your company.

  • Enter the exact company name, your first and last name and read our General Terms & Conditions

  • Check the box and click Start free trial if you agree with the terms

Congratulations, you can now test Skribble for free for up to 14 days. What’s next? To get the most out of your trial, add your team members and make sure they give Skribble a go.

Cancel free trial


You can cancel your free trial if you no longer want to test Skribble. Cancelling will delete Skribble and move your members to the free plan. After that, they can still access their signed documents.

To cancel your free trial:

  • Select Admin area in the lower left

  • Then Plan and billing

  • Navigate to Cancel free trial

  • Click Cancel free trial to confirm

Upgrade to paid plan


Adding your payment details will upgrade your team to the paid plan and end your free trial.

To upgrade to the paid plan:

  • Select Admin area in the lower left

  • Then Upgrade now on the right or go to Plan and Billing

  • Choose Plan that fits your needs

  • Then, on the right-hand side, choose monthly or yearly billing period

  • You can then add and remove seats by using the + and –


Let’s say you added 5 members to try out Skribble, but now only 3 will use it. To avoid being charged for the extra seats, remove the other two.

  • Now, add your Billing address, including a valid VAT number if you have one

  • And finally, choose Payment method, credit card or SEPA Direct Debit

That’s it! Your team is good to go now.